Architectural Design Graduation Project


ARCH 4420

Architectural Design Graduation Project

Mimari Tasarım Mezuniyet Projesi



Mauricio Gabriel MORALES BELTRAN, Gökhan ÇELİKAĞ






The Extreme Architecture Unit is a technically-driven experimental umbrella under which graduation students develop architectural projects that are responsive to a wide range of physical, social, and conceptual extremes. Studio projects in this unit explore the arguments and design settings of an architecture defined by extreme environments, complex structures, social inequalities, natural and man-made disasters.

The EVRAN project, tasked with highlighting the pollution caused by these structures, which were assigned to collect natural resources and far from land; Collection of wastes and recycling on-site and define them as a service and exhibition to seafarers in traffic. It operates in the area where oil and plastic wastes are the most intense with a protest attitude by benefiting from the environment Oil Rigs that are currently working. With the Ekofisk Oil rig being in extreme climatic conditions, it is aimed to make the old structure reusable and to redesign the sustainable material diversity and building programs.

Extreme Architecture Unit, mezuniyet öğrencilerinin çok çeşitli fiziksel, sosyal ve kavramsal uç noktalara yanıt veren mimari projeler geliştirdikleri, teknik olarak yönlendirilen deneysel bir şemsiyedir. Bu ünitedeki stüdyo projeleri, uç ortamlar, karmaşık yapılar, sosyal eşitsizlikler, doğal ve insan kaynaklı afetler tarafından tanımlanan bir mimarinin argümanlarını ve tasarım ayarlarını araştırıyor.