Digital Crafts in Architecture


Course Brief

The course ‘Digital Crafts in Architecture’ aims to introduce applications and design techniques commonly used in the field of digital crafting to participants. In addition, students get familiar with CAD and CAM opportunities, digital crafting tools and digital fabrication techniques. With a special focus on 3D printing [additive fabrication] and laser cutting we want to prepare our students for the future of fabrication, this also involves reconsidering design approaches, since they are directly connected with each other. Moreover, participants plan, rethink and experience their design in the context of the screen until a physical model is getting produced by a digital fabrication method. This digital approach opens opportunities for analysis and visualization – animation, since a digital model, respectively design can be shared and reused all over again without abrasion. Rather than teaching just new computer programs, the course ‘Digital Crafts in Architecture’ aims to teach students contemporary approaches and an innovative way of thinking.