Architectural Design V


ARCH 4410

Architectural Design V

Mimari Tasarım V



Yenal AKGÜN, Seçkin KUTUCU, Mauricio Gabriel MORALES BELTRAN, Özlem Erkaslan, Berna YAYLALI YILDIZ, Didem ÖZDEL, Gökhan ÇELİKAĞ


Çağla BAKİ



The topic of the Studio is “Integrate(d)”. The location of the project area is along Alsancak Garı- İzban line where former railway buildings and ateliers are taking place. The location should be considered in terms of “threshold” where two different urban zones, social and physical conditions are taking place in between. Former buildings of TCDD have to be considered wisely and can be transformed for social and physical integration. Program will be developed regarding the context of the urban environment. Students are expected to propose open spaces, solids and voids in accordance with their analyses and with an idea of a new urban form connecting two sides of separated districts where promoting the identity of the location and providing an environment which performs better in terms of public usage and urban spaces. For the new İZBAN LINE AND former TCDD buildings proposed, accessibility, transitions, permeability and urban usages are the vital concerns that need to be considered as well as with the connections in the neighborhood.

The project aims to revitalize an abandoned industrial heritage zone and create an urban public space that integrates different surrounding communities both physically and socially. The proposal focuses on reintroducing historical buildings with public functions while offering activities for different community members with an inclusive design approach.